Collaborators and Associated Centres

Institute of Secondary Education Canastell

The past month of May, closed the Agreement of Collaboration between The Permanent University and the Institute  Canastell of Alicante, for the development and promotion  of  a Point of Release of Books  in said centre.

To proposal of the community of students of the Permanent University, that coordinates this initiative of cultural volunteering, the group of Voluntary of the movement BookCrossing of    the UPUA, initiates a new reto with the IES Canastell.                                                                             

This agreement frame inside the actions of the University of Alicante, which  attack to the new trends, comes developing projects and initiatives of social and cultural integration, personal development and intergeneracional,  autoaprendizaje, and volunteering, vinculadas to the Academic program Permanent University-Diploma Senior, and the BookCrossing is one of the complementary activities, that facilitate a continuous adaptation  and acercamiento of his educational systems to the versatilidad and real needs of  the society.

In this sense The Permanent University set up, in the course 2006-07 the  Point   of Release of Books of the UPUA in it Calm University City of Alicante, initiative integrated in the movement “BookCrossing” how a club of global books that atraviesa the time and the space and group of reading that does not know geographic limits.

The centre IES Canastell, proposed  to the group of volunteering of the UPUA, take part in this initiative, to enjoy of books gratis and to promote the movement BookCrossing, as well as to realize exchange of books, and in a context of project intergeneracional and intercultural.

So much the centre IES Canastell, as the Permanent University find interested in colaborar in convergent points of  this project  and thus suscribieron the agreement that plasma the main lines of the collaboration between the two Entities ,  between which fits to highlight:  

  1. Promote the development of the activity of “release of books” in Alicante, supporting the creation and consolidación of a point of release of Books in the Centre IES Canastell sito in C/ Monóvar 5, 03690-Sant Vicent the Raspeig/saint Vicente Of the Raspeig.
  2. Share the books freed to try situate each book in the point of release more idóneo, inside the network developed by the initiative “Free Books in it Calm of the Permanent University, in it Calm University City of Alicante, sita Ramón and Cajal nº 4, of Alicante.
  3. Propose and promote initiatives that in this field and agreement potencien the solidarity, the generosity and the reading.
  4. Realize meetings of regular form (semestralmente) to share dynamics of action and management of this initiative, experiences, resources, as well as to propose cultural actions and of divulging  encaminadas to  the improvement of this initiative and of the present  agreement.
  5. Draft an annual memory of the activity.


Said agreement  went in in vigour in June of 2008, and will keep his vigencia while it persist the interest by both parts. Besides will realize at the end of each  academic  period the timely review about the aims fulfilled  and of the new susceptible proposals to include in the following years of development  of the agreement, as well as future extensions of the agreement to implement actions in this line.