How it works

This initiative is carried out thanks to the participation of:

  • Academic coordinators.
  • Foreign non-Spanish-speaking residents in Alicante.
  • Student tutors.
  • Participating students.

The Universidad Permanente (Permanent University) seeks the collaboration of Senior Diploma teachers and UPUA students, as well as foreign residents’ associations and individual volunteers who wish to cooperate to set this initiative in motion.

A variety of infrastructural resources, along with academic and administrative support, are needed to monitor the development of this initiative and guarantee its viability.
At the beginning of each academic year, and once they have enrolled at the UPUA programme, Senior Diploma students arrange an informative meeting with those students who have shown an interest in Cooperative Learning and are therefore willing to take part in ‘Conversations at the SEDE’. The following aspects will be treated at the meeting:

  • Working calendar.
  • Times and places (Schedule).
  • Distribution of tutors and students among (and within) groups.
  • Group-based and plenary sessions.

Enrolment is free but being a UPUA student in the current academic year as well as having enrolled as a Senior Diploma student in any subject is a sine qua non condition to participate.

Characteristics of the Programme