Proposal to use the cooperative learning experience as a mechanism to improve the level of mastery in a second language


  • To improve conversational fluency
  • To provide a space which encourages interpersonal relationships and the acquisition of knowledge about the different cultures of participants
  • To favour the integration of all citizens

The service in practice

It is suggested that the groups formed should meet one hour every week.

Taking into account the diverse interests of the potential participants, it would be advisable to create several groups with a wide range of activities that can adapt as much as possible to the different members’ expectations.

This leads to propose four types of groups with the following objectives:

  1. For English conversation – to socialise and enjoy a chat..
  2. Exchanging Spanish and English – to improve communication in both languages; to socialise; to improve the level of knowledge of both cultures; and to facilitate integration.
  3. Exchanging languages between generations – to improve communication in both languages and bridge generation gaps.
  4. English-speaking writers.