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1st October International Day of Older Persons

The Observatory of Seniors and Mass Media of the UPUA (MAYMECO) will celebrate this day with an especial Radio Program. In collaboration with Radio San Vicente, within the framework of the morning Program San Vicente Plaza broadcasting between 12:30 and 14:00 h, the objectives of the Observatory will be approached with its members, and the "Older people abuse" will be analyzed with the collaboration of the Medical specialist in Geriatrics Dr. Francisco Gómez Alonso.
We invite you to listen to the program either through the 95.2FM or the web


Listen to the programmes of “This radio is not for old people”

The Polytechnic University College Radio has created a section in the podcasting social network iVoox in which its programmes are available. From the platform you can listen to programmes of “This radio is not for old people”, download them and also subscribe to receive new programmes automatically.

Access to the programme in iVoox


Tribute to Fernando Embid Fernández

Date and place

Friday the 5th of December from 11:00 to 13:30h
Assembly hall of Aulario II – Campus of the University of Alicante

Programme of the event

  1. Opening of the Tribute to Fernando Embid Fernández, in charge of Concepción Bru Ronda, Director of Permanent University.
  2. The Association of Students and Ex-students of the Permanent University will hand his family the award “The Mentor”.
  3. In Memoriam, interpretation of a text in charge of Antonio Boronat.
  4. Presentation of the Film Director Jorge Torregrosa and introduction to the Cineforum session.
  5. Cineforum and question-and-answer session.


Presentation and Round Table Observatory of Seniors and Mass Media of the UPUA MAYMECO

Thursday, October 17th at 18:00

“Consecrated actors Mª Ángeles, Chelo, Roberto and Pascual talk about their personal challenge and participation in television series, movies, theat, advertising and radio”.

Organised by the Observatory of Seniors and Mass Media of the UPUA. Presented by Irene Ramos Soler, MAYMECO investigator.

Location: Sala Rafael Altamira, Alicante Town University Venue.

Link to video of the conference



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