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University of Alicante’s Museum (MUA) and Campus guided tour

Peripatetics visit University of Alicante’s Museum (MUA)

Exit: 09:50, from Luceros Tram Station

Itinerary: 10:08 Tram until University station and from there to the Museum for the guided tour. After the visit, one-hour walk in the Campus. Then, coffee break in one of the several cafeterias in the University. Return trip by Tram o bus, according to preferences.



Session of Initiation to “Nordic Walking”

UPUA students will carry out, next Friday the 15th of May of 2015, a Session in the frame of the initiative “The Peripatetic”, a Session of Initiation to “Nordic walking”. The session, organized by the Sports and Culture Councillorship of L’Alfàs del Pí Town Hall, will be carried out in collaboration with the Nordic Walking Association of the Valencian Community.

Nordic walking is a sport based on stamina and is a sort of exercise practiced outdoors that consists in walking with the assistance of canes similar to ski poles.


Presentation of the route: Discover the (in)visible treasures of the UA

Last Friday the 18th of October of 2013, the route “Discover the (in)visible treasures of the UA” took place under the command of professors Carlos Martín Cantarino, Daniel Climent Giner and Manuel Vicedo Martínez.

In this route, you will discover environmental, architectural and cultural treasures that you are unaware of within the Campus of the University of Alicante.

Presentation “Discover the (in)visible treasures of the UA” [PDF]



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