Plutus, by Aristophanes – 27th July 2017


Thursday, 27 July, 2017 - 22:00

Plutus, by Aristophanes

Theater Classroom of the UA Permanent University

Thursday 27th July – 22.00 h.

Archaeological Park of La Alcudia. University of Alicante

Within the framework of the V edition of the Classic Theater Festival of La Alcudia-UA, come and live the classic theater in an incomparable setting. The UA and the Archaeological Site of La Alcudia present you the outdoor performance of Classic Theater:

Dramaturgy and direction: Pascual Carbonell

Spanish · Admission 2 euros ·

Duration: 80 min


«Plutus, the god of money, goes singing blind in the streets. He is sad because he does not know to whom he gives himself. He would like to be shared with justice among all honest people… Those who do not have him, they claim him; and those who already have him, do not want to let him go. However, Chremylus, a ruined farmer, returns his sight. And the party begins. A dream for some, a nightmare for others…

Plutus is the story of a utopia, of the dream of a fair distribution of wealth, of money, that is, of Plutus. There is nothing. Aristophanes was already worried about that in the IV century B.C.. He was worried in a Mediterranean country where democracy was losing out, where the politicians’ corruption was high, where there was a high level of poverty and a low, very low possibility of getting at least a mess of pottage, where citizens had to become slaves to work and thus they could eat… Athens 25 centuries ago. Aristophanes is not our contemporary, we are now contemporaries of Aristophanes.

If humour democratizes us, because healthy laughter makes us lose the sacrosanct respect to social dogmas,

Plutus is a good comedy because it makes us reflect. An acid, satirical, disdainful humour that invites us to the party. To the utopia party. A party where poverty is eradicated and wealth, that is, Plutus, far from abuses, exclusions, traps, lies… Can you imagine?»

Dramaturgy and direction

Pascual Carbonell

Assistant director

Pilar García-Marrón


Manuela Ayuso

Design Lights

Jordi Chicoy

Poster and costume design

Miguel A. Carrasco

Cast of the play

PLUTUS Antonio Boronat 
CARIO Candy Moreno 
MIRRINA Pepa Antón 
ORACLE Pilar García-Pardo 
CINESIAS Manuel Serrato 
POVERTY 1 María Mira 
POVERTY 2 Ana Haligua 
POVERTY 3 Encarnita Segarra 
TYCOON 1 Lucía Francisco 
TYCOON 2 Eti Pascual 
TYCOON 3 Loles Moreno 
GIGOLO Roberto Sparano 
LAMPITA Aurora Martínez 
CALONICA Ángeles Ceballos 
LACONIA Manuela Ayuso 
PRIEST Juan Cifuentes 

Diptych of the work


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