Poetry Recital: "THE POET AND HIS TIME"


Friday, 30 October, 2015 - 18:00
Date and time: 30th October 2015 at 18:00 h.
Place: Polytechnic University of Alcoy. Alcoy Campus.
"Salón de Grados” Carbonell Building.  Pza. Ferrándiz i Carbonell, s/n.  
03081 - Alcoy (Alicante)

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Antonio Mula


José Luis Rico


XV Century – The ephemeral life

Couplets to his father’s death (Jorge Manrique): Lucía Francisco

XVI Century – From the bucolic to the mystical

Fragment of an eclogue (Garcilaso de la Vega): Nelly Ferreira

Verses born out of the fire of love that God had within (Santa Teresa de Jesús): Carmen F. Bolaños

XVII Century – The disillusion garden

Act III - Scene XIX – Life is a dream (Calderón de la Barca): Antonio Mula

XVIII Century – Reason didactics

Payment that the world gives the poets (Diego Torres y Villarroel): Rafaela Lillo

XIX Century – The released passion

Rhymes - IV (Gustavo Adolfo Becquer): Miguel Ángel Sánchez

XX Century – The aesthetic of the senses (Modernism)

Dusk (Manuel Machado): Mari Feli Serrano

Remorse? (Juan Ramón Jiménez): Conchi Agulló

XX Century – Finding a new identity (Generation of ‘27)

From the ephemeral past (Antonio Machado): Nelly Ferreira

XX Century – Sons of Góngora (Generation of ‘27)

The body and the soul (Vicente Aleixandre): Elena Escolano

Insomnia (Dámaso Alonso): Mati Zamorano

XX Century – Victors and losers (Generation of ‘36)

And write your silence on the water (Luis Rosales): Lucía Francisco

Our youth does not die (Miguel Hernández): Elvira Pizano

XX Century – The anguished Humanism (Generation of ‘50)

To the immense majority (Blas de Otero): Chelo Oñate

My own prophecy is my memory (José Manuel Caballero Bonald): Mª Dolores Iglesias

Against Jaime Gil of Biedma (Jaime Gil de Biedma): José Luis Rico

XX Century – The new sensitivity (‘Los Novísimos’)

Caprice in Aranjuez (Guillermo Carnero): Paquita Baeza

Saulo and the birds (Antonio Martínez Sarrión): Rafael Torres

XX Century – About the urban monologue (Poetry of the Experience)

Like every morning (Luis García Montero): Carmen F. Bolaños

XXI Century - Voices of today

Enric Piera / José Luis Vidal

Final poem

Poetry is a weapon loaded with future (Gabriel Celaya): José Luis Rico


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