Presentation and Round Table Observatory of Seniors and Mass Media of the UPUA MAYMECO


Thursday, 17 October, 2013 - 18:00
Thursday, October 17th at 18:00

“Consecrated actors Mª Ángeles, Chelo, Roberto and Pascual talk about their personal challenge and participation in television series, movies, theat, advertising and radio”.

Organised by the Observatory of Seniors and Mass Media of the UPUA. Presented by Irene Ramos Soler, MAYMECO investigator.

Location: Sala Rafael Altamira, Alicante Town University Venue.

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Participants’ abbreviated CV

Ángeles CeballosM. Ángeles Ceballos Muñoz

• 2009. Performing arts workshop carried out by Eloisa Azorín in the University of Alicante Venue.
• 2010. Course in theatre directed by Pascual Carbonell in the University of Alicante Venue.
• 2010. Advertisement for ONCE
• 2011. Course in theatre in the University of Alicante Venue.
• 2011. I belong to the theatrical group ARTESCENA directed by Manuel Sánchez Monllor
• 2011. After passing a casting, I get the role of Renata in Fernando Corta’s series “Broken Princess”
• 2011. I took part in a casting for José Luis Cuerda’s film “No to Silence” and got selected.
• 2012. At the same time I play theatre, I took part in more castings. In this occasion, I was selected for “Robbery” and it was the first time I went to film outside Alicante, more concretely in Valencia.
• 2012. I was lucky to be part of the filming of Garcia Querejeta’s “Fifteen years and a day”
• 2012. I was filming together with Penélope Cruz for the film “The Counsellor”. The filming took place at IFA. Directed by Ridley Scott.
• 2012. I was in a shooting with Eduardo Noriega.
• 2012. Short film directed by Jesús del Val, “Killing Paquito”.
• 2013. I am in two theatrical groups and, besides, I substitute an actress of the theatrical group of San Juan directed by Noé Vicente (The Cherry-Trees Garden). Performances at the House of Culture of San Juan and at Council Office of Alicante.
• 2013. Short film directed by Lorena Lasarre, “The Right Thing”. Filmed in Bullas, Murcia. I will be released the 2nd of November of 2013.
• 2013. November with ARTESCENA. We perform the play “Paquito el Chocolatero” at Orihuela, Elche, El Campello and Alicante.
• 2013. There is a short film in sight and I hope that something else. God willing.


Chelo OñateChelo Oñate

• 2005-2013. I have worked for the University theatre with Juan Luis Mira for the last seven years, taking part as an actress in all the plays performed throughout these years.
• I have experience in the Radio since I have taken part, for two years, in a programme of Cadena Ser related to aged people. Besides I have belonged to and have participated in the Radio of the Observatory of Seniors and Mass Media of the UPUA from two years’ time until nowadays.
• I have taken part in cinema: in the film “Tabarca” with Domingo Rodes as Director and in “Valle Inclán’s Esperpentos” under José Luis García Sánchez’s direction.
• I have taken part in more than 20 short films at the “Ciudad de la Luz”.




Roberto SparanoRoberto Sparano

• I have worked in cinema as an actor in the following films: “Manolete” (Old with Money), “Asterix at the Olimpic Games” (Roman Senator), “Casanova” (Venetian Duke). Additionally, there are half a dozen not so relevant films.
• I have taken part in television in the series “Alquería Blanca” in Channel 9 with the role of peasant for five chapters.
• I have performed in several adverts for Polaris World as leading actor, with diffusion in the main national broadcasting entities, and in part of Europe as well.
• Among the most recent experiences with adverts, highlighting the latest ad of Campofrío, which is emitted in the main national broadcasting entities.
• My participation in Theatre has its highlight in Italy, in the Neapolitan theatre with the comedy “Filomena Marturano” with the role of son. At the University, “Ifigenia in Aulide” playing the role of Calcante (a monologue lasting nearly 9 minutes at the end of the tragedy). And at the Permanent University, with the latest play released last June: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, with the role of Robin, the good imp.


Pascual CarbonellPascual Carbonell

• Actor, director and playwright born in Alicante in 1976. He is a Technical Public Works Engineering graduate for the University of Alicante and, from 1996 to 1998, was president of the Association of the University Theatre.
• In 1997, he founds, together with other colleagues, the theatrical group ATIZA!!!, in which he promotes the creation of shows of own production.
• He has carried out diverse courses as an actor, director and author with Juan Luis Mira, Paco Alberola, Mª José Lloret, Xavi Castillo, Antonio Onetti, Paco Zarzoso, Alejandro Jornet, Alfonso Plou, Guillermo Heras, Maxi Rodríguez, Jordi Galcerán, José Antonio Fernández, Paloma Pedrero...
• He has taken part in the “II Laboratory of theatrical writing” organized by the Exhibition of Contemporary Authors from Alicante, where he writes four-handed the play 2.24 that obtains the Max Aub 2009 award, given by the Generalitat Valenciana, for the best theatrical script.
• In 2012, he receives one of the SGAE grants to write a dramatic text for the I Laboratory of theatrical writing Fundación Autor 2012/2013.
• He has been director of the Theatrical Room of the Permanent University of Alicante UPUA during 2010, 2011 and 2012.
• He has carried out the workshop “How to interpret the greatest characters of universal theatre”. University of Alicante 2013.
• Teacher of Drama in the university Expert Degree in Applied Dramatic Arts (University of Alicante). Course 2013-2014.
• Nowadays, he imparts performance classes and is the director of the theatrical group LA TIZA of IES Jaime II of Alicante, a labour that he combines with his job as an actor for diverse theatrical companies of the province.