Round Table ‘Solidarity Aid’

Taula Redona Ajuda Alimentaria

Tuesday, the 15th February. Aula de Cultura – Caja Mediterráneo.

The last Tuesday the 15th January, the Round Table ‘Solidarity Aid’ was held in the Aula de Cultura, promoted by Caja Mediterráneo’s Community Work. Among the participants there were directors and representatives of institutions and projects, deeply involved in solidarity, as well as volunteers and general public. A special stress was put on the need for a coordinated work in order to be more efficient and to fulfil the goals regarding aid.

The opportunity and the need to open a public board that integrates the institutions and initiatives that are carrying out this intense Food Aid task was brought up.

The structural situation that has been detected since 2008 has increased in the last two years, in which the public system has failed to respond to the basic needs of many citizens that are immersed in a true situation of poverty and social exclusion.

Concha Bru and Felipe Castejón attended the event as representatives of the Incubator of Values.