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You might wonder what BookCrossing is. It is a global club that travel through time and space. It a lecture group that does not geographical limits. Do you like free books? What about free books clubs. Well, the books that our members set free are free…. But it is the act of setting a book free what conform the heart of BookCrossing. To interchange books has never been so exciting as with BookCrossing. Our aim is, simply, to make the whole world a library. BookCrossing is book interchange of infinit  proportions, the first and unique of its class.

Within the framework of this initiative we find the BookCrossing Point at the Ciudad de Alicante University Venue.

Free Books at the Universidad Permanente Leaflet (pdf)

Free Books at the University of Alicante Library Leaflet  [PDF]

Virtual Exhibition "The book makes you free"
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El libro te hace libre

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