Poetry Reading “The New Minstrels”


Tuesday, 20 May, 2014 - 20:00


Free admission limited subject to capacity.

Place: Club “INFORMACIÓN”, Avda. Doctor Rico, 17 – Alicante



From all the acceptations found for minstrel, we choose the one of troubadour, poet; being considered this way many of our contemporary singer-songwriters. If each person is a nation, just like Joyce says in his Ulysses, each of these new minstrels, with more or less converging paths, ideals, dreams, hopes, struggles, can make the holly grow and rule the blackbird, since it signs to what is human. It could be an ordinary poetry reading. Just another one that fills the district of the letters, known as the one of the muses as well, but this group, “Verse by Verse” of the UPUA, has a common denominator: the pleasure of poetry.

Poetry that, from a kaleidoscope of emotions, from chronological heterogeneity, from diverse personalities, from life lessons, different social commitments and denunciations, from human and universal sensations, will attempt to deliver the sounds of the soul so all of us can be part of those declarations of hope, heartfelt kisses, needs of meeting, ignored grazes, longed glances, shared tears, and a long etc., with which all of you are already familiar since every one of us are made out of the substance as dreams.


Presentation: Antonio Mula

This is how I am without you (Joaquín Sabina) --- José Luis Rico

Castles in the air (Mari Trini) --- Carmen Fdez Bolaños

Song of the Morning (J.M. Serrat) --- Rafael Torres

Beginning and ending of a green morning (P. Milanés) --- Elvira Pizano

Bubbles of love (J.L. Guerra) --- Concepción Agulló

Because I am not one of these (Atahualpa Yupanqui) --- Marifeli Serrano

The beauty and the metre (J.M. Serrat) --- Antonio Boronat

The memory and the sea (Amancio Prada) --- Lucía Francisco

Desire (P. Guerra) --- M. Ángel Sánchez

We are (J.A. Labordeta) --- Chelo Oñate

Little questions about God (Atahualpa Yupanqui) --- Elena Escolano

I love you (Facundo Cabral) --- M. Dolores Iglesias

When nobody sees me (A. Sanz) --- Antonio Mula

Hidden (Elena Bugedo) --- Magdalena Fernández

Still remembered (Raimon) --- Paquita Baeza.

Ballad for a madman (Horacio Ferrer) --- Antonio Boronat

I have thought a lot about you (Facundo Cabral) --- Elvira Pizano

At dawn (L. E. Aute) --- M. Ángel Sánchez

There is no heaven (Mari Trini) --- Concepción Agulló

The day of my departure (Silvio Rodríguez) --- Rafael Torres

An autumn’s ballad (J. M. Serrat) --- Lucía Francisco

Stone and path (Atahualpa Yupanqui) --- Marifeli Serrano

One (Discéfolo) --- Chelo Oñate

The simple things (Chavela Bargas) --- Elena Escolano

It is time to talk (Enrique Bunbury) --- Antonio Mula

I remember you Amanda (Víctor Jara) --- Paquita Baeza

Loves that kill (Joaquín Sabina) --- Magdalena Fernández

Surviving (Víctor Heredia) --- Carmen Fdez. Bolaños

Sometimes when the sun… (Pablo Milanés) --- José Luis Rico

Coordinator: José Luis Rico