EuCoNet Club: Objectives

The EuCoNet Club —which started functioning in 2003— had as its prime objective to give assistance to students interested in learning to use the New Technologies. Its efforts were also focused on the familiarisation of older adult students with computers and the solution to specific problems, as well as on overcoming the fear of computers.

Objetivos Club EuCoNet

Thus, the efforts focused on complying with the specific objectives made explicit in the document that proposed the creation of the Club, which in turn arose from the reflections of the research group within the framework of the EuCoNet Project.

  • Developing and normalising Campus Virtual as a means of contact with the UA and as a working environment for students. This is why emphasis has been placed on training courses and on the continuous tutoring of the training received.
  • Promoting contacts among UPUA students interested in the use of the new communication technologies.
  • Creating a ‘voluntary service’ culture through the creation of a small group of cyber-volunteers who collaborate with the Club.
  • Establishing a training exchange and collaboration forum in contexts where NTs are used.
  • Consolidating a Learning and Guided Self-Learning Project with materials, tools and support groups, oriented to all the students who wish to take their first steps in the field of the new technologies and leave behind their fear of computers and/or of the university.

Other longer-term objectives are the development of research works, as well as the organisation of encounters, debates, seminars, workshops and contacts with other study and self-learning groups, as the EuCoNet Club has progressively strengthened its structure and attracted a significant number of members.