The Club is formed by: Academic Coordinators, Tutors-Students (F1), and Participants-Students.

The collaboration of the Universidad Permanente with the Diploma Senior lecturers and with the Computer and Space Management Services of the University of Alicante materialised in the availability of NT-equipped classrooms for this initiative, along with the implementation of a support and monitoring system for the EuCoNet Club, which focused on tasks of maintenance, content update and improvement of the software and hardware required.

Funcionamiento Club EuCoNet

At the beginning of each academic year and once the Diploma Senior students have enrolled in the Universidad Permanente, those who show an interest in belonging to the Club are summoned to an informative meeting, where the inscriptions are made and the following aspects are established:

  • The work schedule.
  • The Club’s timetables.
  • The distribution of tutors and students in groups.
  • The ‘general’ sessions in which specialists and academic coordinators will deal with specific issues and themes of common interest.

Enrolment is free but a conditio sine qua non is being a Universidad Permanente student in the current academic year, i.e. they must be enrolled in any of the subjects of the UPUA programme and follow the general regulations concerning enrolment and functioning.

General Sessions on Specific Themes

During these sessions, the specialists and academic coordinators treat specific issues of common interest.

UPUA's Programme